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Is the 9 to 5 Gone for Good?

Routine workdays as a sentiment of the past.

We all know it. First introduced by Henry Ford to improve productivity and efficiency within his factories, some adore the sense of routine that the 9-5 workday offers. Unlike our predecessors, most of us don't assemble cars and therefore resent the uniformity of set hours. As a new generation enters and begins to dominate the workforce, the traditional 9-5 has become increasingly out of touch.

There is data from YouGov polls showing that the most efficient places to work and live are the places where employers are open to negotiating flexible office hours. Countless studies reveal the negative impact of long hours and overworking on productivity levels, and the new workforce recognises the benefits of a more fluid approach.

Millennials and Gen Z seek greater autonomy and flexibility within their job roles than their predecessors. This means that organisations must re-evaluate their talent approach to attract this generation. The option for remote work has revolutionised the workforce, allowing employees to enjoy the benefits of professional, personal and social life like never before.

Since we could just about walk, we've been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Traditionally, answers have been a single occupation, often what we regard as our dream job. Nowadays, millennials have the highest percentage of job-hoppers than any other generation. Transitioning between roles and organisations is quickly becoming the norm as people search for the perfect opportunity.

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