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Pay for your training course with the STAP-Budget

Do you work or are you looking for a job? From 1 March 2022 you can apply for a STAP Budget of €1,000 for training and development from the Dutch government.

The STAP subsidy stands for Stimulation of the Labor Market Position. You can use this subsidy to follow a training, course or education in order to remain well employable on the labor market.

Who can apply for the STAP budget?

Anyone who has a connection with the Dutch labor market can apply for a STAP budget to finance the training they want to follow. There is a connection with the Dutch labor market if three conditions are met:

• You are at least 18 years old and have not yet reached the state pension age;

• You are an EU citizen or partner of an EU citizen;

• 2 years and three months to 3 months prior to the subsidy application, you have been insured for at least 6 months in the Netherlands under national social insurance schemes.

How do you apply for the STAP budget?

You first register with the study program of your choice and then submit the STAP budget application. You can select a degree program from a list of eligible education institutes, you can then request the STAP budget via the STAP portal. This is possible once per year, per person. If the application is approved, the amount is paid to the education institute. The applications are managed and executed by the UWV. The amount that the education institute receives is a gift from the government and you do not have to repay this if you have successfully completed your education.

STAP budget replaces tax deduction for training costs

Until 1 January 2022, workers and job seekers could deduct training costs from their income tax return. This scheme will be replaced by the STAP budget. This is so that training can now be followed more easily by, for example, people who are unable to follow (additional) training for financial reasons.

DUO keeps a list of courses

The Education Executive Agency (DUO) keeps a register with training courses for which people can apply for a STAP budget. Applying for a STAP budget is only possible if the training activities are listed in the training register.


Source: UWV