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​Should I stay or should I go? Big reasons to stick in your current role

For the past couple of years, power has been in the hands of job seekers. The great resignation made headlines everywhere as the pandemic spurred many people to make big changes in their work and personal lives. This saw some leaders tearing their hair out as they lost skills that were tough to replace in a competitive hiring market.

But is it always better for your career to leap into something new? A recent Fast Company article got us thinking…maybe not. It’s tempting to follow the crowd, but, for many workers, it may be better to stay where they are. Here are some big reasons for sticking with your current organisation while continuing to accelerate your career.

You could pick up extra responsibility

Staying in your current job shouldn’t mean that every day is the same. As your skills and confidence grow, ask your boss if there are any new and more complex tasks that you can provide support with. Not only will you grow your reputation as a superstar employee, but you’ll also have the opportunity to broaden your experience and abilities. The great resignation could mean your team is now smaller, giving you the opportunity to make a bigger impact.

You might be able to develop your experience through projects

If you’re looking to expand your skillset but not quite ready to jump to a more senior role, a project could help you to grow your skills. Look for chances to grow your knowledge and partner with colleagues in different areas of the business. With ongoing talent shortages, this is the perfect time to support other functions and specialisms as you broaden your horizons. Your boss is also likely to appreciate your initiative!

You could leave behind promotion opportunities

Sticking with your current role doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career ambitions. As colleagues head off to try on new challenges, they may leave behind promotion opportunities. It’s often easier to land a more senior role in an organisation where people understand your skillset than it is in the open market and companies are likely to look internally before they put a role out to market. Better pay, benefits, and no awkward first-day nerves? Yes please!

You might wave goodbye to toxic colleagues

Everyone has a couple of colleagues that they don’t see eye to eye with – and working with them every day can be painful. With more people moving on to pastures new, you could wave goodbye to those people who make it tougher for you to enjoy what you do. A less toxic work environment can also make it easier to shine in your current role.

Your ideas have more weight

The longer you stay somewhere and the smaller your team, the more weight your ideas and insights may start to carry. If you’re keen to influence the direction of your team or wider organisation, staying put could be the perfect opportunity to make your mark. Whether you want to spearhead a new campaign, suggest a new marketing strategy, or improve a long-standing process, length of service is likely to have a positive impact on how your next big idea is perceived.

If you’ve been eying the door for a while, take a breath. Yes, sometimes moving is the right call, but sometimes it really does pay to stick with an organisation for a while. Do your research, reflect on the pros and cons of landing a new role and, ultimately, do what feels right for you and your career