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You’ve heard about ‘quiet quitting’. But what about ‘quiet firing’?

​​There is a new ‘quiet’ kid on the block – quiet firing. In a recent article, Fast Company outli...

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Quiet Quitting - What Is It And Where Do You Stand On It?

Part of Kathy Caprino’s series “Becoming The Most Powerful You, To Live and Work Better” As you...

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Hiring for Cell & Gene Therapy: what does the future hold?

​Cell & Gene Therapy is the very cutting edge of medical science. The treatments are high im...

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Should businesses embrace quiet quitting?

​This new trend could transform work culture for good.A new article from the Australian HR Instit...

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The Boom in Biomanufacturing Requires a Special Approach to Sourcing Talent

Biomanufacturing is booming - we don’t need to tell you that! The global biomanufacturing market...

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​Tech takes over: innovation in clinical trials

The pandemic has driven a revolution in clinical trials that started with decentralisation and re...

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Innovations in recruitment to feed the French biotech talent pipeline

The French government has invested hundreds of millions of euros into the Biotech industry in...

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Look inside: Could your next star candidate or career move be internal?

​The battle for talent. The great resignation. The skills gap. Whatever you call it, more and mor...

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The Boomerang Employees: the Art of Coming Back

Companies around the world and across almost every industry are experiencing severe talent shorta...

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Is no news good news? How to control Doomscrolling

​In today’s hyperconnected world, you can’t hide from the news. It’s waiting for you everywhere, ...

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Five tips for welcoming a new employee to your team

​​Welcoming a new hire to the team is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. After all, t...

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Regulatory affairs professionals in hot demand: tips for sourcing

​The life sciences regulatory landscape has changed significantly since the start of 2020. New re...

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Avoiding Organ Rejection in Your Organisation

​Retaining new talent begins with choosing the right candidate.It can be frustrating to spend mon...

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The Digital Transformation Of Clinical Trials - And The Teams that Run Them

​The past two years have seen a huge amount of change within the life sciences industry. As tech...

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Increasing Workforce Diversity by Rooting Out Hiring Biases

​Despite the fact that diverse teams are more creative and productive, hiring biases still compro...

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Recruiting Across Borders In Life Sciences

​In an industry where skilled talent is in high demand, organisations are extending their candida...

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News Update Collective Agreement CLA/ABU

​After more than a year of negotiations, a collective agreement has been reached between the trad...

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How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted

​Let’s face it: The past (almost) 2 years have been exhausting. The stress of having to adapt to ...

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Is Your Life Sciences Talent A Flight Risk?

The pandemic changed how we live, how we work, how we connect with others. But perhaps most fund...

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The Talent Race within Life Sciences

​​A shortage of industry skills & competition from other industries makes hiring difficult.Va...

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