Webinar 4 Fev 2021 2

Event: Be part of an exclusive webinar with Stephan Sigrist

​Cut the Complexity – Navigating the Future of Life Sciences WebinarDate: 4th of FebruaryTime: 3 ...

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Remote Work For Blog

Preparing for a Remote Future

The remote revolution is already happening in the life sciences industry, so where do we go from ...

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How Can You Embrace Flexibility and Agility during a Global Pandemic?

We take a look at the ways life sciences organisations can build a future-ready talent strategy.2...

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The 5 Biggest Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

In a recent Kelly webinar, Prof. Dr. Koen Kas explores a future where sickcare has become healthc...

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Thisisengineering Raeng T Xxi Fu Qlbkq Unsplash

5 Ways Diversity Helps Life Sciences Organisations Win

Championing diversity and inclusion in life sciences leads to more innovation, greater profitabil...

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​How Do You Lead Multigenerational Workforces?

We look at the ways life science organisations can welcome workers of all ages. Our life science ...

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10 Ways Your Ph D Helps

​10 ways your PhD helps you to stand out in the jobs market

You’ve achieved something amazing. You got your PhD! This isn’t just a fantastic academic experie...

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Life After Ph D

Life after PhD: Where do you go from here?

​Ok, you have your PhD or you’re working on it, but what’s next? It’s a question that thousands o...

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