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Kelly Services work approach

Our approach exists out of a behavioral based interview, a skills test and a reference check. Through this approach it is possible to assess accurate the potential of a candidate that match with the required competencies. This contributes to our efficiency and effectiveness. We want to make sure that we have the right employee for our clients. In the current labor market it is often very difficult to find the right employee. We would like to help you with finding the right employee; that is why we are using a careful approach, because Kelly Services provides only the best for you.  


We deliver quality! This starts with analyzing the priorities and setting goals, followed by measurement of performance and reporting results. This is guaranteed by the Standard Operating Procedures in combination with audit quality. This ensures you, that we provide the right employee you desire.  

Profiling System

Through an exclusive profiling system, we recruit people. We are looking at the demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics of the best employee. Based on this, we focus on people with similar goals, talents, ambitions and interests.