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High quality of permanent staff

When you want to recruit professionals for a permanent position, Search&Selection of Kelly Services is there to help you. Our clients would like to save time and money in each phase of the recruitment process. We offer our clients customized solutions and high quality of services

In the past 12 months, we have placed globally more than 10,000 jobseekers in fulltime, permanent positions at our clients. This success is largely due to our thorough recruitment process, designed to predict accurately the future performances of our candidates and to increase the effectiveness of the recruitment process.

Do not be mistaken; there is a shortage of professionals on the labor market. This means that it may take longer to fulfill important positions. Moreover, it is common with jobseekers, which will contact you, lack the skills you require. With our pre-screened candidate database and our branch network, this enables us to find quickly the right candidates with the right skills you need. We have access to active and passive jobseekers with the right skills.

Our consultants know that there is no one size fits all solution, when it comes to finding, testing and recruiting of talent with specialized skills. We use recruitment methods to find the candidate with the right skills. This includes online recruitment, networking, membership in professional organization and more methods.

Save time and money with Kelly Services 

Most businesses do not realize that recruiting of an employee is more than only recruitment costs. There are also costs of turnover or reduced productivity. Within each organization, small or large, a poor recruitment can cost time and thousands of Euros for the organization. 

To obtain your organization performances, it is important to take a look at your recruitment costs and your effectiveness through the use of tools that have proven to predict the future performance of the candidates.

Search&Selection of Kelly Services will help you!

From searching to selection and everything in between, we will do everything to make your expectations come true. Just as an internal HR department, our success is directly linked to yours. Our task is fulfilled when you have a new employee with who you are satisfied. In a business environment where recruitment is getting more and more complicated, we dare to take responsibility of handling the recruitment process to find you the perfect candidate and to deliver measurable results.