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News Update Collective Agreement CLA/ABU

​After more than a year of negotiations, a collective agreement has been reached between the trade unions FNV, CNV Vakmensen, De Unie and the ABU. For temporary agency workers, these agreements mean more job and income security.  The new collective agreement between the ABU, FNV, CNV and De Unie runs from the 17th of November 2021 until the 2nd of January 2023.
We have listed the most important changes below.

​Pensions as the 1st of January 2022

  • The waiting period for pensions will be shortened from 26 weeks to 8 weeks.

  • The definition of "pensionable income" has been clarified and broadened​.

Phase system as of the 3rd of January 2022

a.   Phase A will be reduced from 78 weeks to 52 weeks.

  • For ABU employees who start on or after the 3rd of January 2022, this applies immediately.

  • For contracts already in effect, this will apply as of the 2nd of January 2023 (transitional law).

  • As of 2023, paid vacation weeks also count as "weeks worked".

b.  Phase B will be shortened from 4 years to 3 years ( with a maximum of 6 contracts).

  • For ABU employees who start in phase B on or after the 3rd  of January 2022, the new term of 3 years will apply immediately.

  • ABU employees, who have already worked in phase B for 3 years on the 2nd of January 2023, will move to phase C on that date (if employment is continued). There is an additional exception for contracts entered into before the 17th of November 2021 until after the 2nd of January 2023. The current interruption periods and successive employership will continue to apply.

Equal pay "hirer's remuneration" as of the 3rd of January


  • If the policy is to base the period wage in the scale on previous work experience in virtually the same job, this also applies to temporary agency workers.

  • Upon return (to practically the same job with the same hirer or within the same collective bargaining area), the minimum classification is based on a previous classification.

  • Wage increases apply with retroactive effect.


  • One-time payments are now also part of equal pay (no periodically repeating payments such as a 13th month).

  • Home working allowance; If the client reimburses expenses in connection with working from home, ABU employees are entitled to the same expense allowance.


  • Unworkable weather; through the 'Unworkable Weather Regulation' a compensation of the wage costs for temporary employment employers.

  • Labor migrants; they receive an income guarantee (2 months full-time WML). This applies when they come to NL for the first time. It applies per temporary employment agency when they are recruited from abroad (regardless of contract length and hours worked)

  • Supplementary unemployment benefit; affiliation to PAWW Foundation (maximum 0.75% of gross salary).

  • Sustainable employability; SFU premium 2022: 0.075%.

  • Provide assistance; subject to the same conditions as apply to the hirer.

1 January 2023

  • "Hirer's remuneration" will be extended with a fixed end-of-year bonus.

  • Phase B will be shortened to two years.