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You’ve heard about ‘quiet quitting’. But what about ‘quiet firing’?

​​There is a new ‘quiet’ kid on the block – quiet firing. In a recent article, Fast Company outli...

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What’s your work purpose?

​A recent research found that the uncertainty of the pandemic ‘ignited a sense of purpose’ in the...

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Quiet Quitting - What Is It And Where Do You Stand On It?

Part of Kathy Caprino’s series “Becoming The Most Powerful You, To Live and Work Better” As you...

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A vacation re-entry survival guide: Return to your regular life filled with new energy, not dread

​No matter how much we appreciate our home and workplace, returning from vacation can be brutal...

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Hiring for Cell & Gene Therapy: what does the future hold?

​Cell & Gene Therapy is the very cutting edge of medical science. The treatments are high im...

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3 Reasons People Are Unhappy At Work And How Redefining Success Can Help

​Too many people are dissatisfied with their professional lives—and it shows. It’s time for a f...

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Fancy 'Process Development Scientist'​ as your next job title? Here's what it takes

​If you’re looking at roles in biomanufacturing, you may have seen titles such as Upstream or Dow...

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Do you really need to love your job?

Let’s start with some life maths. Most people (on average), dedicate 8 hours a day to work, the s...

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Should businesses embrace quiet quitting?

​This new trend could transform work culture for good.A new article from the Australian HR Instit...

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​Should I stay or should I go? Big reasons to stick in your current role

For the past couple of years, power has been in the hands of job seekers. The great resignation m...

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The Boom in Biomanufacturing Requires a Special Approach to Sourcing Talent

Biomanufacturing is booming - we don’t need to tell you that! The global biomanufacturing market...

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New Life Sciences graduates - a world of opportunities awaits

Recent graduates (and in fact, anyone looking for a life sciences job) have got the ‘Great Resign...

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The Best Bosses in the World Do These 10 Things

​Have you ever had a really good boss? Someone who always brought out the best in you, made you f...

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​Tech takes over: innovation in clinical trials

The pandemic has driven a revolution in clinical trials that started with decentralisation and re...

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6 Tips For Overcoming Job Interview Jitters

End of year fail: Is your annual review process killing employee motivation?

​For many companies, the summer is annual performance review season. But does it really motivate ...

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Innovations in recruitment to feed the French biotech talent pipeline

The French government has invested hundreds of millions of euros into the Biotech industry in...

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Look inside: Could your next star candidate or career move be internal?

​The battle for talent. The great resignation. The skills gap. Whatever you call it, more and mor...

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3x3x3: Is learning a numbers game?

​Why do you learn new things? Is it because you’re constantly curious? Because you’re trying to l...

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The Boomerang Employees: the Art of Coming Back

Companies around the world and across almost every industry are experiencing severe talent shorta...

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What Type of Workplace Culture is Right for You?

​Imagine this: You turn up for your first day at your new job, only to find that your casual atti...

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